The Modern Political Tradition (TTC Video)

The Modern Political Tradition (TTC Video)
The Modern Political Tradition (TTC Video)
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The Modern Political Tradition: Hobbes to Habermas is your opportunity to navigate the labyrinth of Western political and social theory. Guided by award-winning Professor Lawrence Cahoone of the College of the Holy Cross, these 36 eye-opening lectures reveal how political philosophers, in responding to the societal problems and changing conditions of their day in revolutionary ways, created virtual blueprints of action for leaders to implement-for good or ill. You'll gain not only the tools necessary to comprehend and evaluate the omnipresent language of politics, but also a thorough understanding of the wellspring of thought that has emerged over centuries of political philosophy.

36 Video lectures - 30 minutes each, 36 MP3 Audio lectures, and a detailed 298 page PDF Course Guidebook is included.

Note: As an extra in this torrent, all 36 course lectures are included in MP3 audio format also!
* Enjoy the convenience of experiencing this course while driving, exercising, etc. While the video does contain visual elements, the professor presents the material in an engaging and clear manner, so the visuals are not necessary to understand the concepts. Additionally, you may refer to the accompanying course guidebook for diagrams, illustrations, and examples that are cited throughout the course.


LECTURE 1 - Origins and Conflicts of Modern Politics

LECTURE 2 - Ancient Republics, Empires, Fiefdoms

LECTURE 3 - Machiavellis New Order

LECTURE 4 - Hobbes, Natural Law, the Social Contract

LECTURE 5 - Locke on Limited Government and Toleration

LECTURE 6 - Rousseaus Republican Community

LECTURE 7 - Kants Ethics of Duty and Natural Rights

LECTURE 8 - Smith and the Market Revolution

LECTURE 9 - Montesquieu and the American Founding

LECTURE 10 - Debating the French Revolution

LECTURE 11 - Legacies of the Revolution-Right to Left

LECTURE 12 - Nationalism and a Peoples War

LECTURE 13 - Civil Society-Constant, Hegel, Tocqueville

LECTURE 14 - Mill on Liberty and Utility

LECTURE 15 - Marxs Critique of Capitalism

LECTURE 16 - Modern vs. Traditional Society

LECTURE 17 - Progressivism and New Liberalism

LECTURE 18 - Fleeing Liberalism-Varieties of Socialism

LECTURE 19 - Fleeing Liberalism-Fascism and Carl Schmitt

LECTURE 20 - Totalitarianism and Total War

LECTURE 21 - Conservative or Neoliberal-Oakeshott, Hayek

LECTURE 22 - Reviving the Public Realm-Hannah Arendt

LECTURE 23 - Philosophy vs. Politics-Strauss and Friends

LECTURE 24 - Marcuse and the New Left

LECTURE 25 - Rawls A Theory of Justice

LECTURE 26 - Ayn Rand, Robert Nozick, Libertarianism

LECTURE 27 - What about Community?

LECTURE 28 - Walzer on Everything Money Should not Buy

LECTURE 29 - Identity Politics-Feminism

LECTURE 30 - Identity Politics-Multiculturalism

LECTURE 31 - The Politics of Nature-Environmentalism

LECTURE 32 - Postmodernism, Truth, and Power

LECTURE 33 - Habermas-Democracy as Communication

LECTURE 34 - The End of History? Clash of Civilizations?

LECTURE 35 - Just Wars? The Problem of Dirty Hands

LECTURE 36 - Why Political Philosophy Matters


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